Summertime Friendly Reminders

By: Maureen Griffin – Tara Stark Real Estate Group

The official start to Summer is here and many of us are making lists of things we’d like to accomplish before fall.  We’ve put together a few very important items that often get overlooked.  Checking them off will be easy, as we’ve placed links to resources to get started.  Happy First Week of Summer 2019!


Time to plant your pumpkin seeds!

The Parker County Master Gardener’s Association reminds us it’s time to plant if we want perfectly plump pumpkins come October.  Sign-up to take their FREE class on planting pumpkins today!



Save $550 by Black Friday

Surprised you could walk into Christmas shopping with cash-in-hand and walk out debt free?  It’s possible!  Starting June 24th, start saving weekly and by “Black Friday” you can have the following amounts:                                        

                                                          $25 x 22 weeks = $550

                                                          $50 x 22 weeks = $1,100

                                                          $75 x 22 weeks = $1,650

                                                          $100 x 22 weeks = $2,200

If this task seems too daunting, break it down to a daily amount.  How many of us spend $3.58 per day on something random? (raising hand high here!) That is what $25 per week equals; $3.58 per day.  $75 per week is choosing not to spend $10.71 per day.  Who’s in for the Christmas Cash Challenge?!


Follow Bob Barker’s Advice!

“Have your pets spayed or neutered!”  And we’d add, get them microchipped or add rabies/ID tags too!  The 4th of July is right around the corner, many animals seek to run when they hear the booms.  They get out, get lost, get mixed up with other animals and BOOM!  A baby boom right around the corner!  Contact the Weatherford Animal Shelter for information on spay/neuter and pet identification.



Save a Life!

As of today, there are 113,297 people on the transplant waiting list, according to

Registration is easy!  Talk to your family members and share your wishes on organ donation.  Unfortunately, Summer brings more accidents and a greater need for transplants in emergency situations.  Fortunately, we can all help through organ donation.



Get Free Snacks!

Yes, we’re using the love of free food as an incentive, but the real reward is knowing you can save a life!  How?  Donate blood.  With increased travel and Summer excursions, the demand for blood skyrockets.  Make a lunch date with friends; enjoy a great meal, then head over to give blood after.  For dessert you can enjoy all the free cookies and apple juice you’d like!



Schedule a Check-Up

When was the last time you reviewed your insurance policies? Sound boring?  Perhaps, but if you’re looking for cash to contribute to the savings plan, we spoke about above, this could be a source.  The Texas Department of Insurance helps consumers with information on all types of insurance:

  • Home/Renters
  • Auto/Vehicle
  • Disaster
  • Long Term Care
  • Health
  • Life

Follow the TDI’s advice on how to price companies and get to work on saving some money this Summer!           



Set the Wheels in Motion

Summertime brings the bicycles out in full force.  How many of us remember riding carefree with our feet on the handlebars a popsicle in one hand and our other hand wiping the sweat from our brow; of course, we weren’t wearing a helmet either.  Time to get with the times of Bicycle Safety.  The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides a comprehensive checklist for bicycle safety.  Remember to make sure your child’s helmet still fits from last year and that their bike is properly fitted for their size.  Safety first!

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